GRS partners with clinical organizations who share our goal of providing excellent outcomes for patients. Working together, we improve the lives we touch through highly trained staff, advanced rehabilitation equipment and a positive approach to treatment.

When GRS establishes rehabilitation services in our hospital or outpatient setting, we do so with on-site experienced manager, skilled therapists, and oversight from our locally based, U.S. regional directors. Your GRS site will provide high quality, comprehensive patient services, positive outcomes and the level of excellence that is our trademark.

When you partner with GRS, your organization will benefit from the evidence based practices of a comprehensive Western rehabilitation system, cultivate greater professional expertise in rehabilitation therapies and disseminate advanced clinical therapy services. Together we will improve the health and well-being of countless Chinese patients.

Please contact the GRS Business Development

GRS Business Development Hotlines:

North China Contact: Michelle Tian
TEL: 18611664546
South China Contact: Yang Fan Zhou